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How do I create an account & get started?
How do I create an account & get started?
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Get Started: Create a ClearChecks Account

Getting started with ClearChecks is easy! Simply have the email address of your candidate(s) and a US-issued credit card to place your first order and get your account created, instantly!

A brief reminder:

1. No contracts, setup fees, initiation fees, or subscriptions

2. We don't ask about volume - use us when you need us!

3. No sales process. Just a credit card and the email address for your candidate.

4. ClearChecks manages all local, state, and federal FCRA disclosures with consent and authorization documentation.

If you require custom packages or volume pricing, y​ou can contact our sales team, [email protected], to discuss your options. Our volume discounts begin at 1,000 reports/year.

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