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Workable Integration for ClearChecks
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Our Workable integration allows you to order a background check on candidates when they are in the interview stage.

This integration is designed to incorporate the background check process seamlessly into your workflow in Workable. This article will explain and show you how to:

  1. Enable the Workable integration by creating an Integration Key in ClearChecks and adding it in Workable

  2. Order a background check by in the Interview stage

  3. View status of candidate's background check

  4. Click to view and review a candidate's background check

Requirements to Get Started

You must have a ClearChecks account and Workable account to allow you to enter an API key into the Workable settings.

If you are not a ClearChecks customer, click the button below to create an account, or you may also contact our sales team [email protected] to discuss custom packages or volume pricing.

Create ClearChecks Account

Connect Workable to ClearChecks

Step 1: Create Integration Key in your ClearChecks Account

Log into your ClearChecks account, and navigate to Integrations & API, click the 3rd Party Integrations tab, or click here for ClearChecks integration settings.

Select the Workable integration toggle switch.

This will popup a window with your Workable Integration key.

βœ‚οΈ Copy this key to paste into your Workable account.


Step 2: Enter Integration Key in your Workable Account

Navigate to the Workable settings page and click the Integrations tab open the left hand side.


Scroll down to the Background Checks section and click settings when you hover over ClearChecks.


πŸ“ Paste the Integration Key you copied from your ClearChecks account.


Step 3: Integration Complete! πŸŽ‰

You will get a message in Workable "Your account was successfully updated." if the Integration Key was validated and connected to ClearChecks.


How to Order, and View Status & Background Checks

Step 1: Order a Background Check on Candidate

By default, background checks are run at the Interview stage in Workable.

One a candidate is advanced to the Interview stage, click the magnifying glass icon to order a background check

Your candidate will be sent a background check to complete via their email.


Step 2: View Status of Background Check

Once your candidate has completed their background check, you willsee the candidate has consented to the background check, signed the disclosures, and background check is in progress.


Step 3: View Background Check report

Once the background check is complete, it will appear in the timeline with a link to view the full background check report in ClearChecks.

Workable will also send email alerts as the candidates advance and complete their background check.

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