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Greenhouse Integration for ClearChecks
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This integration is designed to incorporate the background check process seamlessly into your workflow in Greenhouse.

Our Greenhouse integration allows you to order a background check directly from the Greenhouse.

This article will explain and show you how to:

  1. Create an API Key with permissions configured in Greenhouse

  2. Enable the Greenhouse integration within ClearChecks

  3. Setup Webhook in Greenhouse

  4. Order a background check from Greenhouse

  5. View status of candidate's background check

  6. Click to view and review a background check from Greenhouse

Requirements to Get Started

You must have a ClearChecks account and Greenhouse account with admin permissions to create an Greenhouse API Key.

If you are not a ClearChecks customer, click the button below to create an account, or you may also contact our sales team [email protected] to discuss custom packages or volume pricing.

Create ClearChecks Account

Connect Greenhouse to ClearChecks

Step 1: Create an API Key in your Greenhouse Account

Log into your Greenhouse account, and navigate to XXXXXXX

Under partners, choose ClearChecks

Create an API Key with the following permission settings:


  • Get: List Users


  • Post: Add Note

Custom Fields

  • Post: Create custom field

  • Delete: Delete custom field

✂️ Copy this API key to paste into your ClearChecks account

Step 2: Enter API Key in ClearChecks Account

Log into your ClearChecks account, and navigate to Integrations & API, click the 3rd Party Integrations tab, or click here for ClearChecks integration settings.

Click the Greenhouse Integration toggle switch


📝 Paste the Greenhouse API Key you copied from your ClearChecks account.


Select the Greenhouse Admin to be the owner of the ClearChecks integration & choose which ClearChecks team you want orders associated with.

Note: Greenhouse requires a user to be associated with this API Key and Integration. If this admin user is ever removed from Greenhouse, you'll need to re-connect with different admin.


Copy the following webhook & secret key from ClearChecks. You will need to add this to Greenhouse.


Step 3: Enter Webhook & Secret Key into Greenhouse

Navigate back to Greenhouse.

On the XXXXXX screen, create a webhook and enter the secret key.

Step 4: Integration Complete! 🎉

Once the steps are complete, you will see the toggle switch enabled

There will be a dropdown that allows you to re-assign all background check orders to another team.


How to Order, and View Status & Background Checks

Background Checks by default are attached to a job. When you advance the Candidate to the offer stage, you will see the option for background check.

If you would like to change the ClearChecks package for a specific Canidate at this stage you can by simply selecting another package in a dropdown.

You can add background checks to an existing job or new job.

Adding ClearChecks Package to an Existing Job

If you have an existing job you would like to add ClearChecks background check package to then you need to edit the Job Info

  1. Go to All Jobs and select the Job

  1. Click Job Setup on left hand menu

  1. Click Job Info on left hand menu to see job settings

  1. Near the bottom of the Details section you will see a setting for “Default ClearChecks Report Package”

  2. Click the Edit pencil icon

  3. Select which ClearChecks background package configured for your account you want to use for this Job.

Adding ClearChecks Package to an New Job

To add a ClearChecks background check to a new job template. Simply select the default background check package under “Default ClearChecks Report Package”

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