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Do you have a setup fee, account fees, monthly fees, or minimums?
Do you have a setup fee, account fees, monthly fees, or minimums?
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Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. We do not believe it is good business to charge a business a fee to be our customer. You only pay for the reports you order with no monthly fee or minimum orders. High-volume enterprise discounts with minimums may be outlined in a contractual relationship.

Certain states, counties, and educational institutions impose surcharges when ordering county criminal record or education verification searches. We understand the frustration of surcharges. We do no mark-up or make a penny on these charges. During checkout, we inform our customers twice of the potential for these surcharges based on the county searches included in the ClearHire Complete and ClearDegree products. With the ClearHire Complete product, county searches are automatically initiated and ordered once the Consumer completes the online application. Surcharges are automatically charged based on the counties included in the 7-year address trace. County searches are not automatically conducted with the ClearHire Basic or ClearHire County.

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